You have heard of Google My Business, right? (no way you got to this point if you haven’t). Then you have probably heard Google My Business is now Google Business Profile. Other than the rebrand, there haven’t been too many significant changes with Google My Business this year…GBP I mean. Some features have been added (we’re pretty happy about posts on hotel profiles), while others have been cut back or lost. One big change for direct users is that you can edit most things right in the search results pages now. I predicted we would see GMB monetized for 2021. While I wasn’t correct, I am still holding onto that prediction for 2022. 10. Google Ads Last year I predicted the death of the text ad and boy did I nail that one.

Google had several algorithm updates

Sure enough, Google announced in 2021 they would phase out expanded text ads, leaving us with only responsive ad types by July 1st. You have a few months left to use your ETAs for ad copy testing until you have to bow to the whims of the Google Ads algorithm (you know how I really feel). Changes to Google Ads in 2021 are a post in-themselves. But COO Email List here is a quick rundown of what changes in 2021: The end of the expanded text ad In a push for enhanced conversion tracking and privacy, Google has rolled out Enhanced Conversion Tracking and “Consent Mode” to try to address some of the issues around 3rd party cookies and ad blockers. Image extensions We beta tested this in 2015, so it’s not really new.

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Social Commerce Ecommerce is not showing

But it is now available for most accounts. Performance Max Campaigns We think even the name implies this is nothing but trouble, but some of our clients are actually seeing decent results with these mysterious “pandora’s box” campaigns. As with most things on Google Ads, test, test, and test again to see if this will work for you. More automated CZ Leads bidding strategy options Again test before your buy (in). There are some promising results coming from newer biddings strategies. We are finding that data inputs are critical to making automated bidding work. We also know that these things tend to work much better for industries Google “knows”. If you are a niche industry, tread cautiously into automated bidding. But as always, you won’t know until you test.

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