How to Do Competitor Research

August 27, 2023


Quick & Dirty Tips for Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis When was the last time you did a competitive analysis of your digital competitors? Now that business is picking up again, and the phones are ringing more often (or you want them to be), you may be starting to think on how you can capitalize on the large shifts that have happened in the past 6 months. If you want to make the most of this economic recovery (fingers-crossed), you need to look for new opportunities. A digital competitor analysis can help you identify the chances for your business to gain (or maintain) visibility online.

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If you have 30 minutes (or maybe even a little less), you can generate a seriously helpful list of competitors insights that you can pretend took a long time. These quick and dirty tips will help you get to know your online competitors better. Armed with this knowledge you will be poised to put together an effective digital marketing strategy to VP IT Email Lists take on your competition. 1. Identify Your Top 10 Competitors First of all, who are these competitors (and what do they want, besides getting their grubby hands on your customers)? You have a free, fast, and easy way to find out who you’re battling with for brand awareness and sales: Google.


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Look up the products and services you provide and see who else pops up on that coveted search engine results page (we call it the SERP). Do a little digging to make sure they’re the real deal, and then make a list of the top 10 online competitors to CZ Leads start your competitive analysis. Before you go all Donkey Kong on your initial results, make sure you do a little extra digging to determine if these list toppers are your real-world competition. You can hardly consider a company a competitor if you aren’t targeting the same customers – or, if you’re not offering the same type of services.

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