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August 27, 2023

Your competitors are hitting the target and attracting the people you want, dig deeper into their digital advertising strategy. With this information, you can decide whether you want to go after their digital market share or if you want to change up your strategy to target online audiences they haven’t tapped into. 2. Analyze Competitors’ Web Traffic Next, look at competitors’ traffic volume for the past year. When you’re doing this time travelling exercise, make sure you’re being smart about it. Don’t just consider the calendar days, think hard on the holidays, seasons and happenings that have affected your business and see how they apply to your competitors’ numbers.

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We use a wide variety of tools to consider how your competitors stack up. SEMRush is an online visibility management platform offering digital marketing tools specific to competitive research. All you need to do is input your competitor’s domain name to get insider information on their paid and organic traffic volume. When you look VP Software Email Lists at the chart, take note of the trends and gaps. This will help you understand where your competitors are investing their time and where it makes sense to amp up advertising for your business. 3. Analyze and Compare Competitor Content After you’ve discerned who the real competition is, you can learn a lot by looking into what types of content they’re leveraging to make connections with your should-be customers.


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If their website and social media channels are popping like beacons of good business, pay attention to which digital advertising formats and platforms they are using most often. Are your competitors generating frequent blogs or is it videos that work their customers into a frenzy? Consider focusing your efforts on whichever means of content CZ Leads creation they are touting. Oftentimes, using competitive intelligence can help inform your own decisions when choosing a digital marketing approach. But be careful not to stretch beyond your means or expertise – effective content is not cheap and rarely easy.  Analyze Their SEO Efforts Take a sneak peek at their SEO to outsmart and outrank them online.

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