On a slow news day (distressingly infrequent lately), you will likely hear of the latest ruling, filing, or court injunction filed against one of the big tech giants. Most developed jurisdictions in the world have rolled out, or are introducing, more strict personal data protection laws. European courts have declared Google Analytics to be in violation of GDPR. French and Australian news publications are demanding their fair share of Google’s profits. Governments across the globe are finally cracking down on the giant global monopolies that run the internet with antitrust lawsuits. You can bet there are high-paying jobs in the legal department at Google and Facebook Meta these days. Luckily for advertisers, these legal battles will likely play out over years, so there is little to action in the short term. 15.

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Well, I think it is always a good idea to stay apprised of these trends, I don’t think the metaverse is a realistic place to focus any marketing efforts just yet. I suppose there can be some value in “being first”, but honestly this is not going to make sense for the vast majority of businesses. Google and Facebook Meta are investing Founder Email Lists significantly in these areas, so we can be certain the metaverse will be important some day in the future. That day is not today. NFTs Are you under 25? Then jump on the bandwagon and make some $$$. In all seriousness, NFTs may be more important for “brand business” in the coming years. But just like the metaverse, making significant investments here for most businesses just doesn’t make sense yet. On a personal side, if you want to make a quick buck, try pumping and selling some NFTs – it’s not illegal (yet).


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Influencer Marketing As I said last year, influencer marketing is not going anywhere. It can be a very compelling way to convert your target audiences. But influencer marketing is wrought with challenges, and it only really works if you get the formula “right”. Right now, making a dent with influencer marketing is expensive and it’s difficult to measure results. This is certainly not our realm (though we love to develop strategies to complement your influencer campaigns). We highly recommend working with someone with expertise in influencer marketing before venturing into this sphere. As this industry grows, we expect to see more out-of-box solutions from influencer marketing agencies for SMBs. But for now, this is an expensive and time-consuming digital channel for your advertising dollars.

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