Which most consumers don’t), if you’re ranking on the 2nd page of.  Google for your core keywords, you’ve got some serious work to do to increase online visibility. Candy Corn is the Keyword Stuffing of SEO Candy corn is cheap and plentiful this time of year and so is the tactic of “keyword stuffing” when it comes to SEO. Jamming a page full of target keywords may be a cheap and fast way to implement some SEO on a website. But the result is usually a mediocre user experience and a mediocre effect on rankings – not unlike candy corn. We prefer the full-size chocolate bars of SEO (a strategic approach to on-page optimization.

The Haunted House of CMS

We Spend Way Too Much Time on The Web This one is obvious – as digital marketers, our work consists of getting you in front of your customers, so naturally, we’re always on the web. The web, also referred to as the World VP Risk Email Lists Wide Web (www.) is the information which is accessed via the internet. 404 Page 404s or broken links are an SEO horror story. If a specific page returns a 404 error, it means it doesn’t exist, so naturally Google can’t crawl it. It’s not the actual 404 page that hinders SEO, but the poor user experience a 404-page signals to the search engines.


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Joomla is a content management system

We Target by Postal Code There’s something to be said about targeting by postal code. We like to get granular with our ad targeting to the point that it’s slightly creepy. Like trick or treaters, who know where to get the good candy. We do the CZ Leads same for our clients to get them in front of customers who count. A Website with No Keyword Targeting is as Good.  Ghost Your website can be a thing of beauty but provide little to no SEO value. If your website isn’t targeting high intent keywords relevant to your product or service, you’re not being found. So it’s as good as a ghost in our books.

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