It’s Halloween, so you know we had to put our heads together and come up with some crafty Halloween memes that speak to both our love of Halloween and digital marketing. Just because we’re 6 feet deep in dashboards and spreadsheets every day doesn’t mean we can’t flex our creative muscles. Halloween at Ontario SEO typically consists of a digital graveyard, pumpkin carving, decked out costumes and way too much Halloween candy. Digital Marketing Graveyard Photo of our digital marketing graveyard for proof! This year, we’ve had to get creative with our festivities, and what better way to celebrate than digital marketing Halloween memes.

Digital Marketing Graveyard Photo

If you’re an SEO specialist, developer, content professional, a paid or organic marketing specialist, indulge in our Halloween memes or send these to your friends who love both Halloween and digital marketing. Ontario SEO Halloween VP Financial Email Lists digital advertising meme Halloween SEO meme Digital advertising Halloween meme Halloween digital advertising meme by Ontario SEO Digital advertising meme for Halloween Digital advertising Halloween meme from Ontario SEO Halloween meme from Ontario SEO digital marketing team Scary Digital Advertising meme by Ontario SEO Halloween digital advertising meme Ontario SEO Halloween meme What Do These Mean? There’s a method to our madness, we promise.


C Level Executive List

Gourd-eous Website Architecture

Here’s what our Halloween memes mean: Gourd-eous Website Architecture A strategic website structure is a beautiful thing to us at Ontario SEO, and from an SEO perspective, can go very far in getting Google to crawl the important pages on your website. It’s not uncommon for us to see a Frankenstein-ed website with poor CZ Leads navigation and site structure, but when we stumble upon a beauty, we celebrate. For this Halloween meme, we’ve referenced “gourd” or “pumpkin” instead of the word “gorgeous” …throw us a bone here. The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is on the 2nd page of Google We wish this one was an Ontario SEO original, but it has long been said that the 2nd page of Google is basically useless.

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