Changes on Twitter, yes, the 280 characters are here and with them, one of the most talked about developments that was announced in recent months. The limit of 140 characters was its hallmark, its particularity, the way in which the ingenuity and “optimization” of the message will be evident in each of the tweets. Twitter already made its intentions clear, when on September 26 it launched an experiment to measure the impact of 280 characters on a selection of accounts . After the results, it has taken the definitive step, extending this functionality to the global platform and for all tweeters. In this previous experiment, Twitter’s Product Manager explained: ” During the first days of the test, many people Tweeted at the total limit of 280, because it was something new, but shortly after the behavior became normal.

We noticed that when people needed to use more than 140 characters

they tweeted more easily and more frequently. But what stood out was that most of the time people continued. Tweet with less than 140 characters, and thus the time and brevity of Twitter “was maintained ” If we go by the data that Twitter provided, only 5% of the Tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and only 2% were longer than 190 characters. Twitter changes: 280 characters – 2 Twitter officials were concerned that timelines Bahamas Mobile Number Database would fill up with 280-character Tweets, and that people with the new limit would always use up all the space. But as they explained, this did not happen. The Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages ​​will continue to have a 140 character limit, because they do not present the same space problems as the rest of the languages. You know, now you have 140 more characters on Twitter, take advantage of them.

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