This is the last in a series of three posts about Ecommerce Platforms that we have prepared with the purpose of guiding you in choosing the most appropriate one for your online store: In the first, we have shown you the factors to evaluate when choosing the ecommerce platform . And in the second we have talked to you about the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most interesting CMS on the market. In this third post, we are going to synthesize what we have seen in the previous two and draw conclusions. Please note that there is no line that demarcates the conditions under which a given platform can no longer be used. We talk in terms of performance losses as a project grows in size, the ease of managing a large catalog or whether certain functionality performs with more or less consistency.

Option if you have a good budget, you have very clear

ideas about what you expect from your e-commerce (both in terms of the aesthetic aspect and the user experience) and also You have a department with the knowledge to develop it or a partner that you trust in the long term. In this case, indeed, your own development will provide you with differentiation, security and performance. By the way, congratulations, you are in an enviable position for most! WooCommerce is a very Taiyuan Mobile Number List interesting CMS if you start from a WordPress blog and you are comfortable with it, as long as we are talking about few products and that the store is something secondary for you and without great demands. Shopify can be your ecommerce platform if you want to launch a store with few products and with the philosophy of testing .

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If you are starting out in the world of ecommerce and your catalog

is going to have a discreet size, you are not going to sell in multiple languages ​​or connect with third-party software and you want a friendly and easy-to-manage solution, we suggest Prestashop as an ecommerce platform. You can find a trusted partner to help you where you can’t go, at reasonable prices, and complement the functionality with paid modules. Magento Community Edition is probably the best online commerce CMS that USA Phone Number List you can select for your online store if any of these circumstances apply: You have an extensive catalog of over 2000 products Or if the volume of visits is high Or if you are going to sell internationally in multiple languages ​​or use multiple currencies Or you are going to synchronize with third-party.

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