Small businesses post Covid 19: StayAtHome vs SellFromHome

February 29, 2024

Let’s put ourselves in the situation; everyone with #StayAtHome as is our duty, and while the government and institutions repeat the mantra that you have to telework . This teleworking Small businesses post thing, for a large sector of the population, is a joke, but not funny at all. If you have a traditional business, you have probably had to close your doors. And if your business was in food, you are one of the privileged or cursed, depending on how you look at it, who has kept the blinds open. In many cases open to see how people passed by and gathered in long lines to enter the large supermarkets. Small businesses post Covid 19: 1 Well, this post is to explain to you that teleworking is also possible for a traditional business.

Online commerce is mature, we are all now online

Times have changed a lot and very quickly. The way of shopping had already evolved in that direction and the confinement situation has definitely changed consumer habits . People who did not buy online nor had any intention of doing so have learned to buy online to avoid leaving home during confinement. Andwhen we return to normality, not the end of forced confinement, but the end of our own fears and consequences, many of these peoplewill continue shopping online. Because it will Panama Mobile Number Database have become a habit, because they will continue to respect contact and crowds, or simply becausethey will have discovered the magic and convenience of buying with aclickand having it.

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Can you afford it?

When you opened your physical store you defined your investment by choosing a store size, storefront and location. The same thing happens with your virtual store, everyone has their own needs and budget . You can make your store from a minimum monthly payment to an ambitious custom-made project. You decide what you invest , you can even Malaysia Phone Number List undertake it in phases , starting with a test with the minimum viable and expanding once you feel comfortable with the results. Let’s avoid more absurd situations As you may have seen in the news or felt firsthand, home deliveries from large supermarkets accumulate long delays. Buyers get up early to queue virtually at online supermarkets and make their purchase, and the lucky ones who manage to place the order within.

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