Personally, I have never doubted that approaching what happens to us with a positive mentality helps you. It helps you overcome obstacles, trust in your possibilities and not give up, which is no small thing. However, there are those who ask with well-founded arguments to what extent optimism is positive. The question is: can excess optimism harm us? And on the other hand, when does optimism become excessive? It’s not clear to me. Let’s take, for example, an athlete who practices high jumping. He is competing in a final. Everyone else is eliminated, only him remains. To win, he must jump a height that is one centimeter above his personal record. He has never achieved it before. He closes his eyes as he rocks back and forth. He tries to convince himself that he can do it. He starts the race from him staring defiantly at the bar.

My name is Roberto and I am an optimist.

It was a sunny August day and we had just returned from Areas beach to our charming accommodation in Combarro, Pontevedra. A shower and a good meal gave way to a relaxed dinner. In the middle of the afternoon, I sat up with a start: I had noticed that the wedding ring was not on my ring finger. But when had I dropped it? I made memory. The last time I was conscious of wearing it was when I applied sunscreen at the beach. The ring moved easily on my oily fingers. It must have been then or sometime later Paraguay Mobile Number Database that I dropped it, I thought. It was seven in the afternoon. I remembered how many people were there that sunny morning. Everyone would have left by now. Maybe someone had found it.

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Blind optimism, lazy optimism and improvised optimism

As I said at the beginning of the post, I think that optimism is always a good companion , but as if it were a thoroughbred, it is better to saddle it well so as not to fly into the air. They can only harm us: ” blind optimism ” , which leads us to not thoroughly evaluate the risks because we think it is impossible for something to go wrong, ” lazy optimism ” when we expect success to come to us without working, or “ improvised Italy Phone Number List optimism ” when we jump in without good planning. We must evaluate all possibilities; those that can lead us to success, okay, but those that can make us fail, even more so. In short, if we have not evaluated and anticipated the risks, we have not worked or we have not done good planning.

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