Do you know those lifelong businesses, where it’s a pleasure to enter, because every time you go you learn something? And do you know those others, in which even though your need was solved, you didn’t like it at all and you won’t return? Well, exactly the same thing happens in the online world. And putting a blog in your business can make that difference. Treatment and attention is essential in every business. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, shopkeeper or plumber. Whatever Up to this point we have only talked about why the blog is useful for your relationship with clients. But there is even more, Google values ​​your site based on many parameters. And some of them very important are; quantity and quality of your content, the frequency.

A blog generates proximity and thus trust

In the online world the forms change, but the strategy is the same. Your website describes your products or services, it is the showcase. And the blog gives you the opportunity to express yourself, communicate and share with your clients. The blog is you, the professional who assists, resolves doubts, and convinces. You speak in first person directly to your client, about what they are concerned or interested in. You are not trying to Venezuela Mobile Number Database sell directly, but you are gaining their trust for the sale. And you do it by sharing information, being generous, and being liked. What would convince you as a potential client? A product sheet with a photo and technical description of a machine? Or is that the same accompanied by a tutorial on how to handle it and clean it after use.

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It allows us to educate and publicize more services and products.

A blog also gives you the opportunity to ‘educate’ your customers about the use of products that they did not yet know about. We are no longer just solving their doubts, you can direct their attention elsewhere. You ‘accompany them through your establishment’, introducing them to products or services that they may need now or in the future. You France Phone Number List become their source of knowledge. You become that store we talked about at the beginning, where you always learn something and where you always end up buying more than you initially thought.People need a ‘nudge of confidence’ to decide. Even though we are already sure, we need confirmation that we are right. Let someone argue to us that that is what we need.

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