Thinking about starting a business and would like to carry out your own business idea, Startup Pirates Zaragoza 2016 is a train that you should not miss. At Triddeo we encourage you not to miss this event that will take place in Zaragoza next November 2016 . The fact that this is already the fifth edition speaks for itself of the success it has brought year after year. You don’t need to bring a very advanced idea. Whether you have it or not, the scenario is ideal for you to develop it with agility, consistency and in the best company. In these workshops there will be about eight high quality workshops that will give you what they call the “ survival kit ”. There will also be time and space to network with guests related to your interests.


The event is not wasted, since during an intense week , you will receive training from recognized experts who will help you learn the most important aspects when developing a business idea. You will establish relationships with talented people from the world of entrepreneurship and you will have the opportunity to win excellent prizes, in addition to accessing a network of global partners (Global Perk) that can open many doors Chile Mobile Number Database for you. Don’t forget that your network of contacts is essential. Start cultivating it now. For this 2016 edition, the event moves from the CEEI Aragón , an excellent accelerator of technological and innovative projects, to the fantastic facilities of Zaragoza Activa , on Calle Mas de las Matas, 20 in Zaragoza . A very suitable place too, due to its fresh character and its collaborative philosophy and approach.

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As you already know, it is an intense week of training from experts. When this week ends, you will understand that you are carrying a treasure in the form of experience and knowledge under your arm , because… You will have learned interesting work methods that will help you with your project You will have heard the opinions of experts You German Phone Number will have presented your business idea to potential investors You will have ties with other entrepreneurs , with whom you will help each other in the future … plus you can get interesting prizes All this without stopping having fun for even a moment, because this has nothing to do with other boring educational events. Since a week is very long and takes a lot… we’ll have to eat something.

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