Facebook has made recent changes to the way it sets up social media ads and campaigns. The possibility of using Create a Custom Instagram in the dissemination and reach of advertisements has been implemented for some time , but what is really important, in addition to the segmentation that can be achieved, is the definition of the different “sources” that this audience uses. Where will the traffic for those ads you are going to show come from? Depending on your business, it is certain that you may be interested in reaching a certain sector of the population and with certain characteristics. For them it is very important to optimize the target audience of your publications as much as possible , because that way you will be sure to be more effective and attract an audience that may be interested in what you want to offer them.

Defining your audience source on Facebook.

We have the possibility of creating a very differentiated personalized audience on Facebook , this can be people who have already interacted with your company, they can be current clients that you already have in your digital business or people who at some point have reacted to a post on Facebook the long of the time. What possibilities of sources of audience creation do we find? Client file. With your database of current customers, it allows you to upload lists and create an audience based on your current subscribers Guatemala Mobile Number Database to your store, blog or online project. The information will be encrypt at all times. This is very useful when you have worked on personalized subscription lists and know what you can offer them, depending on the characteristics of each one.

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Interaction on Facebook

New option that allows you to create an audience with all. The users who have interacted with any of your Facebook videos, ads, forms or canvas . That is, if at any time you created a personalized ad. You will be interest in reaching only those people who showed interest. These tools allow us, from the ads manager, to create different audiences to which we can then apply detailed segmentation. Let’s not forget that one of the Hong Kong Phone Number List fundamental. Pillars in the success of a campaign is based on. The ability to define and limit our buyer persona. If you ever created a Facebook tracking pixel. You can create a list based on the people who visited. Your website or take a specific action on any of your pages .

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