Local Search Ranking Factors

August 28, 2023

Google search results with several major algorithm updates. However, when it comes to Local Search Ranking Factors for your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), 2021 was a pretty stable year. Having a consistent and relentless local search strategy is key for success in 2022. If you are a local business, the visibility of your Google Business Profile listing can play a critical part in the traffic that comes through your door. Knowing what factors are important in the Local Pack. Google Maps ranking can help you ensure you are capturing your share of local search traffic. local ranking for search seo agency What is a Ranking Factor? We don’t know exactly what factors are written into Google’s ranking algorithms.

Factors change this year?

Industry experts use a suite of testing to estimate.  The importance of individual website and business attributes that are use by the ranking algorithms. Local search ranking factors include.  After that, Google Business Profile The proximity of the business to the searcher The presence of keywords in the business name The number and diversity of Google Business Hong Kong Phone Numbers List Profile reviews On-page The presence of keywords in page titles and copy The website domain authority The alignment of name, address and phone number Links User behaviour Click-through rates Website engagements Personalization User search history. After that,  User location Citations Online presence in aggregators Consistency in name, address and phone number 2021.


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After that, Local Search Ranking Factors.  Survey A survey of experts weigh in with their opinions on the relative importance of ranking factors in the local search results. Survey participants rank each attribute and then the data was pool to provide a CZ Leads general look at what ranking factors were important in 2021. There’s quite a bit of difference between how factors were rank between the Local Pack. Google Maps and general organic search results. What next? Want to learn more about how to improve the visibility of your Google Business Profile listing in local search? That’s exactly what we do.

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