Duplication is not your friend in SEO. New content should fill gaps. Sometimes updating older pages has more value than adding a new one. Credit Check On the sixth day of SEO. We want to remind you to check your online credibility. You know your business is legitimate, but you need to make sure this is clear to users and search engines. Ensure you business information, like the business name, phone number, physical address, and profiles of real employees are up to date on all your digital profiles. Cookies On the seventh day of SEO, we gift you with something sweet – cookies! As 3rd party cookies are rapidly being phased out to enhance user privacy, 1st party data is becoming increasingly more important.

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Ensure you have measurement framework in place that will allow you to continue to segment and analyze your website audiences. Stay Focused On the eighth day of SEO. We remind you to take a deep breath and stay focused. When writing content for your website, you should always make sure you have a focus keyword in mind. If you write France Mobile Number List without a focus, chances are the page won’t rank very well nor will it provide much value to your website. Put Your Clients First On the ninth day of SEO, we want you to take a step back from everything and remember what the most important aspect of your business is – your customers. Every website visitor (or potential customer) is online seeking information or is trying to complete a task.


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It is crucial that you have that pertinent information on your website to provide value and help your customers complete whatever task it is they’re trying to complete. Be Responsive On the tenth day of SEO, we remind you to always be CZ Leads responsive to your customers online. Responding to every review on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) not only shows that you care about your customers, but it is also an important ranking factor for local SEO. Each Page Should be a Gift On the twelfth day of SEO. We remind you that every single page on your website should be a gift to potential or existing customers. Remove any clutter that doesn’t provide value.

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