There’s been a consistent increase in the importance of Google Business Profile reviews over the past few years and a decrease in the importance of citations. Personalization and Behavioral are at their lowest point since 2013. Above all, the importance of your Google Business Profile continues to grow. Changes in local ranking factors over time – Ontario SEO Credit: White Spark The 2021 Local Search Ranking Factors Quick Tips for improving your Google Business Profile ranking signals Make sure your primary category is precise to what you want customers are looking for.

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You can choose up to 10 more categories to give a better indication of what your business is about Where possible include keywords in your business title but be aware of the importance of consistency in the use of your business name across your web properties Encourage your customers to leave Google reviews. Respond to all Google Reviews on a Italy Phone Numbers List consistent basis. Photos of your actual business Make use of Google My Business content features such as providing service descriptions and adding posts about recent updates or news Encourage and respond to questions & answers. If you are in it for the long haul and want to build a bigger team, do you have the resources to invest in their professional development.


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Before deciding, figure out exactly what the role demands and choose a person based not only on where you are at, but also where you hope to go. If you want to make improvements fast(er) and enjoy a turnkey business transaction, an agency will CZ Leads provide that. The company you hire has already been through the hiring process. They will have chosen very specific experts to fill particular roles and those people will all have experience serving companies in your industry. An agency will easily adapt to your brand voice and act as an extension of your business because that’s what they are paid to do. Best of all, they will handpick the team members who will most seamlessly align with your strategy.

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