The moderate. In order to control the situation, no matter how unexpected it may be. You prefer communication in an entertaining and intelligent tone to bland and predictable texts.  You have no time or space limits to connect and share your. Opinion or mood with everyone around you. You know how to pamper yourself, you take great care of your self. Esteem and your physical appearance. If something works, you know how to value it and prefer it. Regardless The moderate of whether the result is long-term. You say what you think without mincing words. Rven if you don’t always make friends. You love innovation and design. And you are not far behind. When it comes to trying a new product. Visiting new places or adopting new ideas.

They are not spectators

Solutions From 9 to 10 positive responses – The extreme prosumer  of the actions carried out by brands, but rather they consider themselves participants in what the brand or company decides. If they don’t like the decision they make, they will soon turn their backs on you and harshly criticize your attitude in more than frequented forums and blogs. Their Dubai Email List opinion is highly taken into account and little by little they become trusted references for other users and prosumers . From 5 to 8 positive responses –  Communicate and share your experience, especially the negative ones. Control who you connect with and don’t let yourself be guided by stereotypes.

Trust brands but

He communicates with other prosumers , takes advantage of every opportunity to test any innovation and is proactive because of his feeling of CZ Leads commitment to the brand and to others. From 2 to 4 positive responses – The amateur prosumer  do not blindly believe in companies’ guarantees or promises. Critical of the message he receives, a born analyst and communicator.

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