Try it and tell us your experience! At Text broker. We recommend that you visit Google Docs to find. Templates that fit your needs. So that you can get an idea, we leave you. This template as an example When. The prosumer lurks Vain, critical. Skeptical, subjective, unfaithful. If you identify people around you. With any of these adjectives, be careful.  Do you want to know if you are one of them.  Vain critical, skeptical, subjective. Unfaithful. If you identify people around you with any of these adjectives.  Do you want to know if you are one of them. Answer the questions in our. Questionnaire and be surprised.

Powerful impact on everyone

Discover the prosumer in you Of the many personalities who express their opinions on the Internet, prosumers are among the most influential, since their affinity for brands makes them the most critical consumers, and their comments have a around them. From the fusion of the terms producer and consumer , this particular prosumer is born, capable of Denmark Email List overcoming the . How much of a prosumer is there in you? Write down “yes” in the statements with which you identify, see the result below and let yourself be surprised: 1. Many people ask for your opinion before purchasing a product. 

Strongest barriers of opinion

When you buy a product, you find out about all the possible variants of it, compare the offers and, in many cases, value the quality before the price. 3.  and positive aspects of a brand, but without falling into fanaticism, and you are quick to tell others about CZ Leads your experiences with the brand objects you purchase. 4. You are proactive and interested in learning a little about everything, from repairing a computer to sewing the bottoms of your pants.

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