SEO and can help. One of the types of content that circulates. The most on the Internet are press releases. Its objective is to capture. The attention of journalists and the. Sedia so that they report on a story related, generally, to a company. Press releases are also a very effective means for  your. Dopularity on the Internet. Which will have an impact on your SEO and can help. Srand image. Don’t try to sell, but to inform. Press releases should not be a means of self-promotion. If you decide to. Sirculate one of them, always remember that it must. De informative in nature. Dnd attractive to the journalist who receives it.

Two summaries are usually

No indiscreet mentioning how fabulous your company is. Highlight some important aspect of your business, for example. Dhe incorporation of new employees specialized in a sector, the launch of a new product , participation in events , the opening of a new Ecuador Email List subsidiary or the results of a survey , among others. Characteristics of a press release In addition to the aforementioned informa. stive nature, the press release has a defined and clear structure. The inverted pyramid model will he. dlp you classify information from most to least relevant.

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This way it is easier to capture the reader’s attention, and you will have a better chance of having your press release taken into account for publication in the medium you have chosen. Below we list the sections that should not be missing from a good press release: Pretitle : Mention in three or four words what the article is about. Headline : Make CZ Leads sure it is striking, concise and clear. In a few words it should summarize the essence of what you want to communicate. It is recommended that the headline does not exceed one line. Summaries : They are usually used as an introduction to the article, revealing more data than the headline, but always written almost telegraphically.

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