In every project there is an important moment, the one when we decide on the name. In this case we are talking about the domain name. You need a few drops of creativity and imagination, something that we cannot give you from here. But what we can do is explain a series of very important aspects that you must take into account to choose a good domain name , when creating your web project or developing an online store . The domain name is not a decorative element. You must give it the importance it has because, if you choose it well, you can position before, transmit an image according to what you are looking for and generate brand . In this post we are going to set up an example to see it more clearly. Let’s imagine that we want to create a portal for selling movie tickets. Factors to take into account when choosing a good domain name Later we will comment on some specific aspects about domains of a global or international nature.

These are the ones that seem most important to us

Make a Brand It is difficult to make a brand, but if you have the dissemination capacity to achieve it and you are committed to it, the logical thing is that the domain is the same brand (like or at least includes it ( Choosing a good brand name is not the goal of this post. 2. Phonetic Ease It is important that when we hear the domain, it is intelligible and does not give rise to ambiguities . The Anglo-Saxon terms are short and sonorous, and it is tempting to use them. But the Mexico Mobile Number Database normal thing is that they cause us problems. Try this test: imagine that you are advertising it on a radio spot. Ideally, there is no room for confusion without seeing it written, just hearing it. 3. Easy to memorize A domain should be short and easy to remember , for obvious reasons. 4. Positioning (SEO) The SEO factor in choosing a domain is worth your time.


That you like it If to fulfill the previous points you have to

choose a domain that you don’t like, it is too high a price. Give it another spin and find the balance between your tastes and the most practical aspects. 6. Make it available And of course. That the chosen domain is free, something that is not usually easy because everything. That makes sense or simply sounds good, is already taken (in many cases for sale, but for amounts that are rarely acceptable for a project that is born ). You can check if a domain is available and its price on sites such as If the scope of your Cambodia Phone Number List project is mainly Spain, it is recommended that you reserve the .com and the .es You can use a simple excel like the one we show you in the image to study your domain candidates. The result you collect after making the assessment is intend to be objective and helps to see things a little clearer.

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