In the previous post we talked about the factors that will be relevant when choosing a platform with which to manage our online store . Now that you have reflected on these factors in your particular case, we are going to make a comparison of ecommerce platforms , the most interesting ones available to you on the market. INSTALLED BASE OF OPEN SOURCE PLATFORMS IN SPAIN In Spain, Magento and Prestashop are the two most used ecommerce CMS, as can be seen in the graph that we present below: Installed base by Ecommerce Platforms Installations by Open Source Ecommerce Platforms in Spain (Source: Xopie with data from November 2014) The previous graph must be taken with reservations, since other sources place WooCommerce much higher, which would be logical given that it is very.


Calm Calm! It’s not so much about choosing the best platform but the one that best suits your own requirements . The options are varied and very different and to do a good analysis we have to compare the functionalities that each ecommerce platform offers us and how they adapt to the needs of our future store. We must assess the complexity of the CMS, license and maintenance prices, scalability, security, installed base… Below we will try to guide you among the most widespread ecommerce platforms Colombia Mobile Number Database on the market. Your payment plan is different, since you make a monthly payment that varies depending on the demands you require. You have the cheapest option for $29, but you must keep in mind that they apply a variable sales commission depending on the contracted plan and that the extensions are no longer so cheap.

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Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce… the alternatives are many, so we have made a selection from. Which we will determine the main advantages and disadvantages. OpenCart It is a good alternative if you have a small business and little experience in managing. This type of platform, since it is not complex and is easy to use. In principle it is agile, but the fact that it is so simple forces you to use many plugins that can end up Canada Phone Number List penalizing performance. In any case, if you are looking for simplicity of management, there are more widespread options, with a much larger community of users and, therefore, with more documentation. Advantages of OpenCart: Simple and agile Disadvantages of OpenCart: It is very limited, requires numerous plugins to achieve minimum functionality and is less widespread than other options in its field.

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