After a few weeks of confinement. We continue to get used to this new reality that COVID-19 has brought us, which will be with us for a long time. These are changes in our daily habits that also have a very important reflection on internet search trends. It makes no sense for us to leave the content of our online stores and websites unattended and static as if nothing had happened. We must make changes to optimize our web positioning and adapt to market demands, because there are business opportunities that depend on it. We must adapt our SEO strategy to COVID-19. ONLINE SEARCHES DURING COVID-19 CONFINEMENT As a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic and especially the confinement to which the world population has had to undergo, it has brought important changes in our behavior as online users and buyers .

The purchases we make since our confinement are not the same

Those we would be making in a normal spring. The whims have been replaced by products and services that we. Consider necessary for health or to take advantage of time while this lasts. Products related to fitness, reading, online training in new skills, or crafts are some of the areas in which consumption has skyrocketed. But even within the same sector, products Brazil Mobile Number Database that in other years would have been the star of the moment have been replaced by others that were not so star. We will see some example. From an SEO point of view, we should make changes to our strategy to adapt to confinement, gain sales and remain relevant to our audience. INVESTIGATE SEARCH TRENDS AND ADJUST YOUR POSITIONING It is important that you investigate the changes in the searches that your own clients.

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We have to find trends more quickly than in a normal

Situation. ADAPT YOUR SEO STRATEGY WITH GOOGLE TRENDS When we do keyword. Research in SEO positioning agencies we use various tools, such as, or Google Keyword Planner. But the speed with which these changes are occurring makes. These tools partly lose their usefulness, since the databases need. A little more time Brazil Phone Number List to reflect the changes in monthly search volumes. A very interesting possibility is that we look at Google Trends , since it shows us trends in real time . Let’s look at some examples, like what Google. Trends tells us for the term “fitness at home” : Adapt SEO strategy – Fitness at home Google. Trends graph for »Fitness at home» at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The public, accustomed to going to the gym regularly, is concerned about maintaining shape. Looking for ways to practice their sporting activity without leaving home.

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