The options for how and where to advertise on the Internet are many and very varied. It depends on the objectives, the audience we want to reach, the way we are going to impact the user. All of these factors count when evaluating what actions we take in the world of online advertising. Increasingly, traditional businesses and online businesses use the tools that the Internet offers for their business objectives. When it comes to getting down to business and deciding what step we are going to take, the most important thing is to know the means we can use and what their possibilities are. How and where to advertise on the Internet –  Currently Google Adwords in all its variants is the most used sponsored advertising platform in the world.

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Based on the search terms for which you want to appear and where you want these ads to be displayed. Where will my ads be seen? Google offers you different platforms and websites: 1. GOOGLE SEARCHES The Google Search Network is a collection of search-related websites and apps where your ads can be displayed. When you want your ad to appear in Google searches, it will appear next to the search results when someone Uruguay Mobile Number Database searches for a term related to the keyword you’re bidding on. (These keywords could be, for example, “buy a car in Madrid” or “sports store in Zaragoza”) TYPES OF ADS • Text ads : these are the most common types of ads within the search engine. These ads appear at the top and bottom of search pages and appear under the name “Ad.

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They appear with the label “Sponsored links” and are usually

Image and video ads : within Search Partners, many of them host spaces that are intended for audiovisual ads. 2. RED DISPLAY On the Display Network it is broader and allows you to show your ads to users who, for example, explore their favorite websites. Also included are YouTube, Gmail email accounts or applications on mobile devices . Ad optimization and targeting options allow you to show them to users based Mexico Phone Number List on keywords or placements (or both) TYPES OF ADS • Adaptive ads: these adaptive ads on the Display Network allow your product ad, for example, to appear on different websites in different formats and all from a single configuration. • Expansion ads: will be displayed on YouTube and the Display Network through image and video expansion ads.

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