Maybe you are also one of those who think that as long as you act according to your conscience, what to improve it others think doesn’t matter. However, when we talk about your brand or your business, what is at stake is its success or failure. In Digital Marketing it is called ” online reputation ” and you have to follow it very closely, and take care of it. We talk about it in this post. You want to know more? What is online reputation We call online reputation the perceived image of a brand according to the nature of the information that is generated on the Internet around it . The online reputation of a brand emanates from what is said about it in the media, from comments in forums.

In fact, user opinions are something we research regularly

Take what they say as if our own mother had written it. Most Internet users do not wonder who is behind a rating or a comment. Just as many companies work on their online reputation, there is also dirty play, and there are competitors that try to  their to improve it competitive position at the cost of damaging the image of their rivals, or even lobbies that do the same by applying it to sector interests. At a much lower level, a part of the Costa Rica Mobile Number Database public with few scruples, aware of its importance, uses it as a threat to gain advantages. For example, in recent years threats have been made to hotels by some clients, to publish negative comments if they did not receive some type of compensation. Many hotels have reacted in a coordinated way, agreeing not to give in to this type of blackmail.

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Your purchasing decision will be largely based on those

Searches. And it must be sai that negative opinions attract curiosity much more than positive ones. In the event that they are going to complete the purchase in a physical store. They will use this information to choose where they are going to go. Think that when they walk through the door of your store they have already decided on the brands. They are going to focus on and even the price they are willing to pay for it. That is why it is so important to take care of the online reputation of our stores. Brands, products or Lebanon Phone Number List services. There are many sales opportunities at stake. The success of the business directly depends on it. What elements must be analyz to determine online reputation.

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