If you have a store, your goal is to sell. This is apparently not so obvious, judging by the design of electronic commerce . When you have an E-commerce, there is a very simple rule that you must apply before making any decision. Because often many of the ‘functionalities’ that we incorporate are more of a distraction or difficulty. All your store processes must be designed with the aim of facilitating the way . And one of the most important processes is the moment of payment. This is when the most doubts may arise for the buyer. Will this page be secure? Do I trust entering my personal data ? , Is a Russian hacker going to fleece me? To clear up all those doubts, throughout your store and before reaching the cart, you must have incorporated several strategies that we will discuss in other articles such as the secure SSL HTTPS protocol or trust seals. And with regard specifically to the delicate moment of payment, we must give the client the opportunity to pay with as many methods as possible, so that each one can choose the one with which they feel comfortable and safe.

This way we prevent you from aborting the purchase at the last

Minute because the payment methods are not to your liking or do not give you confidence. At least we should have 2 payment methods and 3 or more are desirable. We believe that the most important and that should never be missing, is card payment through a bank POS. PAYMENT WITH CARD AT BANK POS To include it you must contact  your bank and contract a virtual POS. They will provide you with a module compatible Jamaica Mobile Number Database with your ecommerce Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce… that will be responsible for processing payments securely. Payment Methods in Electronic Commerce – 2 Payment with Virtual POS Roughly speaking, how it works is that at the final moment of the purchase, your store temporarily transfers control to a secure payment gateway managed by banking entities. Subsequently, the payment gateway returns control to your store to notify the success or failure of the operation.

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In Spain, these gateways are the Redsys and Ceca platforms

This way the card data will never be collected in your store but rather at the bank’s side. This frees you from the responsibility and legal requirements that would entail directly managing that data. And it gives the end client the peace of mind and guarantee that well-known banking entities are behind it at all times. This system is safer than many of the New Zealand Phone Number List payments you make in your daily life offline, that is, when you buy in person. It is also true that so much security comes at a price, there is a higher percentage of failed transactions than other methods. One of the most common failures is that buyers fail to confirm the second security check, the one in which they must enter a code received on their phone or the coordinates of their key card.

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