Web browsers from Apple and Firefox have already block third-party cookies by default and Google is said to be following suit soon. Originally, Google share in a blog post that it would end third-party cookies in 2022 but that has now been push until 2023. Many in the digital advertising industry is calling it the cookie apocalypse. The countdown is on. Are you prepare for a cookieless future? How to Prepare for the loss of 3rd Party Cookie Data. Access to free content in exchange for collecting your personal data has occurred for decades online. Personal data is collect by identifiers, call cookies, that track someone’s behaviour online and help advertisers target ads effectively. That bargain is now coming to an end with the deprecation of third-party cookies. The way we advertise is changing and it is crucial that your business is prepare.

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Identify where you are using 3rd party data Before you begin to prepare for a cookieless future, it is important to identify where you are currently using third-party data. When you gather where your third-party data is coming from, you can better prepare for how to adapt to the changes once they arrive. A good place to start is looking for any Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists remarketing campaigns that you are currently running. Gather more first-party data While third-party data is disappearing, first-party data is here to stay. It’s the data that comes from people engaging with your product, app, or website directly. This data is given with consent and can be more accurate than third-party data. First-party data provide lots of information that you can use to learn about your customers.

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This might mean analyzing and implementing strategies to collect more first-party data. Ensure compliance with privacy laws and data transparency Governments are seeking to protect the privacy and the rights of website users. Waves of new legislation is being create which comes with civil and/or criminal penalties that you’ll want to avoid. Make sure you are complying with current privacy and data transparency laws in the regions CZ Leads where you do business especially if you do business globally. User segmentation Once you’ve start to gather more first-party data, you can start to segment users to target each of them more directly. Remember, not all data is equal. Pick the data elements that you think are need for your segmentation. You can use the data collect to create controll.

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