Useful tip Think about what are the main business goals of your company and what are the possible micro-goals that support the pursuit of achieving the main goals. With this in mind, create a working event table. We guess you must be tempt to measure everything. However, this can lead to chaos in GA and make analysis difficult. This should be approach wisely and with common sense, so as not to disturb the subsequent analysis in accordance with “one source of truth”. Then, you can send the table to your developer who will implement the appropriate elements into the data layer.

What Does Business Value Marketing Automation For

As a standard – the website or the store do not collect such parameters. Thanks to their implementation in the data layer, they will dynamically generate values ​​also for other leaflets. for the marketing agency you workwith, or for any new person in your marketing department. By creating it, you are creating documentation. In the case of a large, developing website or store, it is an element necessary for the efficient work of people working on database efficiency campaigns and analytics. Once your developer has implement the events and elements of the data layer, you ne to configure sending custom events to GA with the help of GTM.


Where To Start Implementing Marketing Automation

We will show you how to do it soon in the next, already th part of our guide. PPC campaign – what is it? Isabella Michalska August , You will read in ~ min. PPC campaign – what is it Top search results, promoting posts in social mia or sponsor  offers on marketplace platforms – virtually every Internet user has contact with PPC advertising. Many companies choose this form of promotion due to the flexible budget and favorable settlement model. Do CZ Leads you want to find out what exactly these types of campaigns are and how they work? In this article, you will learn the most important details.