Ambush marketing – what is it about? April 11, 2021 Marketing strategy ambush marketing – do you have to be afraid of it? Most entrepreneurs associate ambush marketing with unfair competition. This is only part of the truth. Below is a summary of the principles governing ambush marketing as well as the answer to the question, can you also use it in your company? Ambush marketing – definition When someone takes creit for your company’s success Does ambush marketing have advantages? Ambush marketing – examples Ambush marketing is a relatively little known concept in Poland. It is relate to issues such as subvertising and unfair competition.

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Sometimes he also uses elements of black and white PR. What exactly is ambush marketing? About it below. Ambush marketing – definition database Ambush marketing is literally a marketing campaign done out of the blue. This refers to a situation where the activities of one company are suddenly referre to by another, although they do not necessarily have the right to do so. These can be direct, indirect and accidental actions. Most often, this type of marketing is mentione when companies assign themselves an important role in sports or cultural events.


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Suppose a fast- food chain with a re logo is an official partner of a football championship. Let’s imagine now that leaflets of a competing network with a blue logo are distribute en masse before entering the stadiums. It is very possible that some CZ Leads viewers will make a mistake and assume that the “blue” company is the official sponsor of the event. We recommend What is guerrilla marketing? ambush marketing – do you have to be afraid of it? This is an example taken from the world of large corporations, because this type of practice can also be found there. However, the phenomenon begins already in the strategy of the smallest companies and in the case of completely local events.

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