At the beginning of social networks, the so-called Social Commerce generated a lot of expectations, they were seen as a channel with great business possibilities, but the initial euphoria gave way to reality. Selling on Social Media was (and is) not easy . On the one hand, those first users saw the advertising as an intrusive element on their social accounts. After an adaptation process, users are becoming immune to the advertising that floods everything and conversion rates are lower than a few years ago. The time had come to differentiate ourselves, to do things differently, to capture attention by “providing value”, to interact. The truth is that although statistics tell us that ” a user is present on social networks for about 35 minutes a day, on average ” , making them show interest in your products.

Social Network Strategies for Social Commerce – 2 At this point

Understand that calls to action on social channels do not work in the same way as when a user is interest in your products or services, and has come to your website with the intention of purchasing. or contact. In the latter case, the purchase decision is much greater. Social Commerce Defining Social Commerce as a part of electronic commerce that uses a series of strategies on social networks to help in the online purchase and sale of products and services, we can define two lines of action. Direct Social Commerce is based on the publication of posts in which an image of the product is shown and draws attention, so that the user accesses through a link to a India Mobile Number Database landing or product sheet, which are prepared to facilitate the final purchase. Indirect Social Commerce uses totally different techniques, but they seek the same purpose.

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Both strategies can be used in a complementary way

Fact in our social media agency , we do it as a general method. The latter is almost always the best, since a prior connection with the user is establish. At the same time, the people impacted by the messages. And information begin to interact, and this is key to establishing a dialogue. Interest and purchase intention over time, sometimes motivated by. The perception Singapore Phone Number List that has been transmitt. Of the brand, through the contribution of useful and valued content by users. Furthermore, these future clients may become prescribers and tend to have higher recurrence rates in the long term. It is therefore through social networks that we will be able to teach and show our products.

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