Have you ever wondered if you could delete an already sent WhatsApp message? Until now this was not possible, but WhatsApp has just introduc a new function that will allow you to permanently delet or delete sent messages as long as it is done within seven minutes of sending the message. In order to start using this functionality you will have to update the App to its latest version available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The recipients of the message to be delet on WhatsApp must also have this latest and updat version of the application. Therefore, the function allows users of this platform to delete messages sent through individual chats. The steps to use this function are: How do we do it? Open WhatsApp and go to the chat where you have written the message you want to delete.

The deleted texts will disappear but a trace remains

MAGENTO 2 vs MAGENTO 1: Migration can no longer wait by Roberto Ariza  If you are dedicated to e-commerce and your store still works on Magento 1, you probably have doubts between Magento 2 vs Magento 1 . We are not talking about rival products with conflicting objectives but rather about a father-son generational Hong Kong Mobile Number List change that must be assumed sooner or later. The incentive is that it represents a very notable leap in quality. Magento 2 starts with the experience and successful genetics of its progenitor to which it adds the enthusiasm, drive and innovation of the new generations. As Magento 1x users we have long known that moving to Magento 2x is something that has to  done at some point.

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Magento experts Many e-commerce experts argue. That Prestashop has the same capabilities as Magento but. Although Prestashop is a good platform, in terms of stability and reliability it falls quite far from its rival. Ultimately what lies beneath these arguments is the need to attract. Clients It is true that it is more difficult to find. Experts in Saudi Arabia Phone Number List than for other CMSs. It is because the learning curve of Magento is much harder than the other platforms. If you are concerned about the possible lack of Magento professionals. I can tell you that today all ICT partners have. The ability to work remotely and serve clients throughout the world. So you don’t need to find an experienced Magento technician in the room below your house.

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