Are you clear about what Search Engine Positioning is ? If you want to have an online presence, the first thing you should understand is what SEO Positioning consists of . It doesn’t matter if your site is a virtual store, blog, corporate website or a simple landing page. The first objective of all is to gain visibility. If no one comes to your site, everything you have done is for nothing. The objective of this article is to make clear to you the fundamental pillar on which you should build your site. It is very good to have a spectacular website that excites the user. Or an online store with fantastic products at the best price. But for the potential customer to reach your site, they must first find you.When someone opens their browser and searches for a product or service that you offer, if you don’t appear on the first page of results, it’s as if you don’t exist. On the second page, you almost have no chance of getting a click. And beyond that, you are dead and buried. All your investment and effort has been for nothing, niente, nothing, caput.


How many times do you, as a user, look beyond the first page of search results? And beyond the second? And if you search from a mobile, then you don’t even finish looking at the entire first page. Well, I can’t resist, here are the percentages. 94% of clicks stay on the first page of the search engine. Nowadays, search engines are very evolved. If you add everything Google knows about you to its powerful algorithm, it is normal for Honduras Mobile Number Database them to hit the nail on the head with the first page of results. If in the first 10 or 20 results, 2 pages, you have not found what you are looking for… do not be offended, but that means you are searching very badly. Now is when you type the name of your business into Google, and you come out in the first position. Nickelao!! I don’t need to do anything anymore. I nailed it the first time, perfect Does it seem exaggerated to you? Some of you will find it difficult to accept this, especially if you have already invested time and money in your projects.

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Yes of course. Your lifelong friend, your brother-in-law and you, who are the only three who know the name of your store, will be the only three who can think of doing that search with the name of your business. Because you are not Amazon, nor Zara, nor Apple. The rest of the world will not look for you by name, simply because they do not know you. The rest of the world, what it will look for, is what it needs; ‘buy cheap chinorro mobile’, ’emergency plumber in Tordesillas’, ‘buy self-tapping screw Iran Phone Number List with inverted corkscrew’ or ‘cheap labor lawyer who wins trials’ . Search engine positioning is the position in which your page appears, for a specific search that interests you for your business . Now be realistic and don’t fool yourself when you check your positioning. There are tools that allow you to know your ranking in a more professional way. But to do a quick test, just with your home computer.

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