You have finally decided to start a business, but where do you start? You only have a vague idea of ​​the steps to take to start a business . It is normal, very few are clear about it unless it is their first experience. Entrepreneurial culture is not something that is especially cared for in our educational system, although it is beginning to make an appearance in some training plans. So, it is best to seek help and let yourself be guided by an expert . Fortunately, today we have many options in this line, such as Business Incubators and Accelerators , throughout our entire geography. For our part, we suggest that you do not try to start a business without first receiving minimal business training. It is a complicated path, full of risks that must be known and controlled.

Business Incubators and Accelerators in Spain

In Spain, the entrepreneurial fever has had something very positive and that is that official organizations at all levels, both central government and city councils and regional governments, have launched initiatives to support entrepreneurs in the form of institutions. To these we must add various private initiatives. Some of the best incubators or business accelerators that can help you in this start can be: YUZZ has a presence in all Spanish Bolivia Mobile Number Database autonomous communities and offers you very good training and free advice for five months. They also usually offer cash prizes, trips to Silicon Valley, etc. SEEDROCKET has a presence in Barcelona and Madrid and provides mentors to the different initiatives, which they accompany from birth to take-off. WAYRA tries to identify technology-based ideas with potential and helps them grow.

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Design a good Business Plan

An incubator can give you guidance in preparing a good Business Plan , which implies training in all its chapters. A Business Plan includes an in-depth analysis of your project. Which helps you think and have a global vision of all areas. A typical structure covers, for example: Strategic Plan , which basically includes a summary of the entire Business Plan. A general overview of the idea is given. The need it aims to cover, what the Indonesia Phone Number List potential client is like, what makes our proposal different, the capabilities of the promoters or team members, a SWOT and the phase in which the project is. Commercial Plan , which more precisely defines the product, its approach, analyzes the competition, expected profitability and prices, how it will be promoted, etc. Production Plan , which describes the equipment involved in production, suppliers, necessary facilities and equipment, processes and the need for workforce.

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