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April 9, 2023

Ad how to make sure not to lose any space on any of its pages? Rdirect each of the old pages to its new equivalent, avoiding the error of rdirecting everything to its home page, leaving Google and visitors to fend for themselves…It goes away and it comes back! After a morning rich in content and reflection , the NWX Summer Festival continues with an afternoon that promises to be hectic! On the program, star guests Gilles Babinet, representative of France to the European.

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Commission for digital issues; Eric Sadin, philosopher and writer, who also publishd three days earlier a column in Liberation entitld “Grandeur phone number list and misery of French tech” and Olivier Crouzet, director of studies at Xavier Niel’s School 42. All three have strong views on the digital revolution. On one side we have the pro-digital, the critical philosopher and the pdagogue who believes in a new model of ducation. Suffice to say that the debate promises to be lively and rich in twists and turns.

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Responsibility It Has To Set The Standards

Conference on the web of tomorrow with Gilles Babinet. Eric Sadin and school 42 School 42: towards a new model of ducation? The CZ Leads opening of the debate begins with the presentation of school 42. Olivier Crouzet and his student developer give. Us a topo on their new pdagogy. And on the ducation system that school 42 wants to carry. I will admit that I had already heard of this famous “42 school” foundd by the boss of. Free, but I didn’t know more than tha Don’t blame me. Pierre So, for the half-ignorant like Me, what is school 42? “It’s a school of geeks” declares Olivier.

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