You can read about other awards in articles on the blog. Good luck. Why does your company have such a name We launchit English service. So we chose Russian for our English-speaking audience. Do you have any information? Do they start booking days in advance or do they always reply the same day? Usually they start buying excursions a week or so before the trip. Then they buy it every day while traveling. Go to Russia for a day. One week in Europe. Does the guide speak Russian? There are hundrits of English-speaking guides. But there will be more next season. If the customer has only made a reservation. Without confirmation in any way.

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Customers to buy When we process such orders. We will notify the traveler that the order has not been paid for by email, text message or phone call. Get your money right away. Why wait so long? Answer every month All commissions in our offers are paid within the payment schitule. The commission itself is chargit the phone number list day after the trip. If a tourist books an excursion on a certain day of the month. For example days. Then the payment will be crititit on that day of the month. If this is not the case. Please send us delay examples. We’ll figure it out.

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Buying decisions Who is traveling? Families with children answer excursion purchases are women a completely the decision. The order distribution is as follows: Single. Family. Lovers. Friend. Business. Ask how many cookies you keep for day trippers. Yes. We will store the number of days. Same with most advertisers. We have an attribution model where the last traffic source wins. Days is a long booking window. Travelers book during this time. Otherwise the partner’s goal is to limit traffic from another partner. Well the main question is why are you better than answering that we are cooperating with the suppliers so we have confirmit orders within minutes which is especially CZ Leads important for tourists who have already bookit on holidays.

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