If you are a retailer, there has never been a better time to get your inventory online. Expansion Google is taking its role in the spread of misinformation more seriously. They have announce several enhancements to search result features that will improve transparency and make it easier to identify the source of information. This includes: Enhance insights into information sources with more “About this Result” icons. Full news coverage of developing stories, with priority placement in the search results. Using the powerful algorithm to fact-check results and identify sources of misinformation. Providing content advisories when information has been identified as misleading or tagging results when “Google can’t find this info”.

Google promises to do their part to prevent

The spread of misinformation.  Google Plus Codes to provide more accessibility to addresses for inhabitants of rural areas in more countries. Watch the full event If you have questions or want to learn more about leveraging these updates in your own SEO strategy. Get in touch. For crawling and indexing, which in turn, makes your website Indian Phone Number List more visible on search engines. While this can be a complicate process, to the experience technical SEO. It can start to feel like a game; finding the important clues and hints to eventually solve the complicate technical SEO puzzle. One component of technical SEO is canonicals. A canonical is an HTML element that helps website owners prevent duplicate content issues by specifying the “canonical” or “preferr” version of a web page.


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When a canonical “breaks”

It is usually because it is being direct to a 404 URL.  URL that has a 5xx error or it is stuck in a forever maddening loop of doom. Carrie (1976) Still using hidden text? “They’re all gonna laugh at you.” Carrie Halloween SEO Quotes An infamous black hat SEO technique that was commonly use was known as invisible or hidden text. Website owners or SEOs that chose the dark side would hide. Whole bunch of spam text that was invisible to CZ Leads site visitors but could be crawled by search engine crawlers. They would do this in hopes of increasing keyword rankings for valuable keywords. The technique looked something like this where content would be in.  White font on a white background and would use keywords and keywords.

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