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August 28, 2023

This is not best practice and is now a laughable offence if a digital marketer ever recommends this technique. Invisible text can cause your website to be penalized by Google… it could even cause your whole website to become deindexed. The horror! While the digital marketing realm can come across as scary, especially as we linked it to iconic horror movie quotes, we are here to be your guiding light! We help businesses like yours to create a strategic digital marketing strategy that gets you in front of customers no matter what day of the year. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our digital marketing services and start planning your digital strategy today.

SEO does not have to be horrifying

After that, If your website is a source of customers, you need to be on top of.  What Google is looking for when it comes to EAT. When your content is created with EAT in mind, core algorithm updates like the one this month are less likely to impact your business. Too busy to stay on top of all the Google changes? The professionals at Ontario SEO eat, sleep and Japan Phone Number List breath this stuff. Feel free to get in touch. We hope that our 12 If you have any questions or need help maneuvering your way around the ever-changing digital realm, reach out today. We help businesses just like yours create digital marketing strategies that gets you in front of customers no matter what day of the year.


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Did you notice the hidden text

After that, If you need some assistance keeping pace with all of these changes in Google Ads, give us a call. Ontario SEO is a team of marketing experts that excel at keeping pace with.  Google and the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape. However, it would not have been possible without the help of many local sponsors that came CZ Leads together in support. After that, Wealth Management, Lexus of London, Virgin Radio .  The London Fire Department all contributed greatly to the event and set the precedent for years to come. Thank you, Minds for Change, London Health Sciences Center. FEMAP for an amazing evening of dancing, dinner, drinks and drag. We can’t wait until next year.

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