Exact Match Keywords Image alt tags In the word of Google Ads. Exact Match keyword allows marketers to reach users who are searching for only specific keywords that you may be bidding on or very close variants of the keyword. Google Ads will appear when the exact query is searched in Google. Matching the searchers exact intent. Page Header & Footer.  A web page header and footer are terms used when describing a web page’s design. A page ‘header’ is considered the top of the page, where you may find main website information, site navigation and contact details. A page ‘footer’ is the area across the bottom of a webpage, where you would find fine print, copyright details and an additional contact link.

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Consider them the ‘head’ and ‘toes’ of a webpage. Link Building When it comes to SEO, link building is an important component – and it has been for some time. The way SEO’s build links has changed over the years, but the premise Denmark Cell Phone Number List remains the same. It’s the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other, high-quality websites to your own. Sometimes considered a difficult process, successful link building can lead to improved rankings over time. Featured Snippet Featured snippets are a newer trend in the world of digital marketing but have quickly become the most sought-after position within Google search results. Also referred to as ‘position 0’, they appear at the top of google results.


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They can appear in several ways such as a bulleted list. Graphic or image or brief paragraph, but the intent is to provide the users with a quick answer to they’re search without clicking to a website. 503 Error A 503 error can appear on a web CZ Leads page for a variety of reasons. It’s often a problem with the website’s server, meaning that the network is ‘unreachable’ or is unable to handle the request. When this happens, a site will display a ‘503 error’. Let’s Talk Digital Get in touch with our team of digital marketing professionals. Let us be your partner in creating a successful and optimal online presence.

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