This article does not guarantee “satisfid or refundd”, do not hesitate to share your tips with us to “fed” the debate!Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm: what to fear? By Perrine Lassire Postd on May 26, 2015 SEO referencing If you missd THE news last month, Powertrafic is here to debrief you on the search engine giant that has been rocking the web since the end of April. The change is now ! Wind of panic this Tuesday, April 21, Google is carrying out its warning dating from.

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February be careful, it will bled and declares that “as more and more people use mobile devices to access the Internet, our algorithms whatsapp mobile number list must adapt. From April 21, being “mobile friendly” will improve your ranking. The company wrote on its official Google Webmaster Central blog. Mobiles now representing more than 60% of web traffic, it seems appropriate that Google, which incidentally reveald on Thursday 23 April that it would become a mobile operator, favors sites whose display is precisely adaptd to mobile devices.

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That May Arise Economic Responsibility

Was not crazy However, advertisements displayd on smartphones and tablets are less lucrative for the search engine than those publishd on computer screens. By improving the quality of the links offerd in its search results, the giant seeks CZ Leads to create a space where Internet users click more and therefore more profitable for advertisers, but also for itself at the same time. Concretely, what will change? Constraind and accustomd to undergoing the metamorphoses imposd by Google for the ranking of websites, this novelty nevertheless marks a turning point in the era of the web.

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