What are your core. Do you like fishing, are you passionate about rock music. do you love thriller novels or adventure trips. Find an original way to combine your business. With your passion and start publishing content related to . What are your core. Those areas on your company’s website or blog. A traditional business does not have to be boring nor does a different advertising campaign necessarily have to be expensive. With a little creativity, the advertising message you convey can position your business above your competitors. Question of character Unlike large companies, which are usually impersonal and not associated with a particular person, small businesses have a great advantage: they can be themselves.

The appeal of her idea was twofold

A small business owner has the opportunity to highlight his personality traits and then turn those traits into his content strategy. For example, on one occasion, an accountant decided to present herself on her website as “the math teacher: your Vietnam Email List accountant.” : not only was she competent in accounting-related topics, but she was also able to teach math classes through her blog. The teaching aspect of her became more important than her own competence, as the content she had generated to educate her potential clients was what set her apart from others. In this way she made herself known in her area and “learned her lesson” herself.

Don't be guided by your company

Information is power So, how to start filtering the information until you achieve your advertising message? In just three steps: 1. Define your own business : Analyze the following questions in depth and be honest with yourself. ‘s old CZ Leads commitments or by values ​​inherited from others, unless you really believe in them: to. Who are you as a person and who are you as a company.  ​​both in private life and in business? b. What makes the way you provide your service or product different from the rest.

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