Some businesses may feel indecisive in their decisions about traditional marketing vs digital marketing. The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that everything is digital. From the message to the media, there is not a single aspect that is not virtual. Digital marketing ( 360° marketing ) is the process of actively presenting your business or products to potential customers through online channels. 

Digital marketing strategy example :

It can be done on the Internet using social networks, emails, advertisements, video platforms and various resources such as a blog and podcasts. It is known that the blog has 63% more influence than magazines.  66% of VSEs and SMEs have a website and on average a user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes on the internet daily, so it is also an interesting opportunity for companies to sell their products internationally.

Digital marketing helps drive traffic to Email Data your website, increasing the number of people who see your products. It is part of inbound marketing since it relies on attracting customers through content. Inbound marketing example : An example of inbound marketing is the presence of a downloadable ebook or white papers on the company’s official website.

Example of digital marketing in sports: The integration of digital marketing in the sports environment aims to attract fans in new ways. Clubs can reach their targets directly through SMS marketing and use fans’ personal data.

The benefits of digital marketing are

Specific Targeting: The target audience can be specific and individuals can be approached based on their interests, demographics or purchase history. This type of marketing is effective because it allows you to reach those who will be interested in what you have to sell, but at a lower cost than traditional methods such as print ads on billboards or radio Australia Email List broadcasts. Measuring ROI: Digital marketing can be measured in terms of ROI or return on investment. For example, a shoe manufacturer will evaluate its return on investment by measuring the number of customers it can attract through digital marketing and the number of shoes they order.

Ease and flexibility: The main advantage of digital marketing is its ability to reach audiences anytime, anywhere. You can adapt your strategy continuously and make changes as often as you want during the campaign period. 

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