Facebook will implement Aggregated Event Measurement which limits the amount and type of data that advertisers can send to Facebook through tools like the Facebook pixel. Aggregated Event Measurement limits domains to 8 conversion events that can be used for conversion optimization. With this new framework, advertisers may need to prioritize certain events based on how important they are to the business. For advertisers tracking fewer than 8 unique events, the impact is expected to be minimal. Some campaign results will be counted differently As more people opt out of tracking, there may be a decrease in the number of conversions Facebook is able to report.

To supplement this missing information

Facebook may use statistical modeling to account for some conversions that are completed on iOS 14 devices. Another big change affects “attribution windows”, or the length of time after an ad click that an action can be traced back to the ad. Certain attribution windows are no longer supported, making it more difficult to trace user actions across website sessions. In addition, real-time reporting will not be supported, and data may be delayed up to 3 days. What should I do next as a Facebook advertiser? There are certain actions you can take to help create a smoother transition, like verifying your website domains and configuring events for Aggregated Event Measurement.

As the situation evolves

The entire industry is still waiting to see exactly what effects the latest iOS 14 updates will have, and digital ad platforms may update their guidance accordingly. While Apple is the first to implement these widespread changes, this is only the beginning of a trend toward greater privacy controls for users. As users opt out of tracking and 3rd party cookies are eliminated, there will be less accurate data for ad personalization across all digital marketing channels. This shift will require significant changes in personalized advertising approaches in the coming months. With changes like these, it’s important to partner with an agency that has your business’ best interests in mind. At Ontario SEO, we stay on top of the latest updates affecting our clients’ ad performance and actively manage campaigns to preserve results as the digital advertising environment shifts.

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