Put yourself in. Only then will your future clients perceive through. Words what differentiates your company. From others and why they should choose it. If there is a link that allows the editor to put himself in your. Shoes and learn details about your business.Do not hesitate to provide it. Put yourself in just a list of instructions When the objective of the text is to attract. Customers to our blog or website through information. It is also important to provide. The author with a list of simple and clear instructions. And understand what type of content we need. It will be very useful for the editor to know where the text is going to be published. To whom it is addressed and what its objective is. As it can help him quickly determine the style in which it should be written.

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 Whether the text should be addressed directly to the reader – yours or yours – or should be merely informative. It is also important to include in the instructions all the issues that must be addressed, and if these have to be organized in different paragraphs with subheadings. You don’t need to write anything, just a list of rules in which you can Bulgaria Email List also explicitly determine what you don’t want to appear. The author will have it even clearer if you provide him with a text as an example to follow, and for this it will be enough for you to include the link to a similar web page that you like.

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The editor will be in charge of creating a unique text for you taking into account your tastes and needs, and will include the keywords you establish so that it can be easily found by search engines. the comunication is the key Textbroker has a great CZ Leads communication channel between clients and authors, so when you decide to send an assignment directly to an author for the first time, you can communicate with them through the messaging service.

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