I know how you feel. You are eager to get down to work and start working, preparing documents, diagrams, plans, canvas, etc., seems to you like it is starting to be a waste of time. Do not be impatient. Part of the success of your project depends on this prior study. It is more important than it may seem. When we are going to undertake, we must be aware that there are a series of uncertainties that entail potential risks. You must of-entrepreneurship dedicate time to reflect that allows you to document these risks, and define an action plan in case you have to face any of the problems that arise from them. In this way, you partially reduce uncertainty. The most important risks when you undertake Some of the risks that you should monitor and control are these.

Insufficient economic capacity As we said in the previous post

Important to prepare a Financial Plan and have a forecast of the evolution of results and treasury. Frankly, reality may be very different, but that plan gives you a roadmap that helps you know whether or not you are close to the expected line. Never put all your capital at stake and determine what your point of no return is. Possible changes in the Indonesia Mobile Number Database environment It is possible that you have detected a need and have a great idea to cover it, but it may happen that someone is already working on it and even has almost a prototype developed, or that you manage to be the first but they soon copy you, or a substitute comes out. It is something that you must plan for, research and study as best as possible.

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In practice, there are very powerful competitors with large

Investment groups behind them that are capable of driving down the prices of any product. You must have a plan B, or a range wide enough so that this is not an insurmountable problem. If you have an online project, you can request a report that analyzes the competition with professional tools. You learn a lot from the competition, when you know UAE Phone Number List how much they invest in search engine advertising, what visits they have, with what search terms they get traffic, etc. Not knowing the potential client enough If your business is going to be physical, you cannot be located anywhere. Each neighborhood has peculiarities in terms of age, economic capacity or daily routine that determine the suitability of your objective. Analyze it because it is a key decision.

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