Last week, I touched on the misconception that marketing agencies are simply just a vendor to your business providing a service. We prefer to look at it as a partnership. In a partnership, two groups need to work together to find the best possible solutions in order to be successful. So, although your marketing agency knows what your media spend will look like when running ads, or the keywords to target with commercial intent, we’re very much in the dark about your internal operations and what might make you different from your competitors.

What is your close rate on leads

This information can be make or break for any campaign. What Your Marketing Agency Needs to Know Some questions that we might ask to improve our SEO and PPC strategies might be: What questions your customers commonly ask? How Australia Mobile Number List qualified are the leads that you are receiving from your campaigns? How do you determine the value of a lead? What is the value of each lead that turns into a customer? These questions can help us take a deeper dive into what makes your customers tick, allowing us to build more effective SEO strategies, landing pages, ad copy, and even top of funnel campaigns. How to Build a Successful Relationship with Your Marketing Agency? Is your work done when you hire an agency? Probably not.


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If you perceive your advertising agency

A partner in your company’s success, the campaigns you take on with them are bound to be more successful. So, here are some ways that you can arm your marketing agency with what they need to achieve the best possible results for your business. Don’t skip the client intake. Many agencies have a client intake or discovery meeting or they CZ Leads  come prepared with questions to better get to know your business model. A lot of times this can seem like an annoying step but it is absolutely critical to take your time with this and provide as much information as you can. Even providing information on what strategies you’ve tried in the past or pulling in your sales reps or operations team so that we can get a better idea of what you’re doing on the frontlines.

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