Bing Worldwide Us July Similarweb 800×209 Meanwhile, Bing saw a 6% decline in unique visitors and total visits from February to July, according to data from analytics firm comScore. Bing’s unique visitors and total visits also declined 2% year on year in July. Dig deeper. Here’s some of our previous coverage of the AI search engine arms race that never actually became a race: These 2 charts show Microsoft Bing’s search market share problem New Bing attracts new Edge users – who then use Google Search The new Bing making (small) gains on Google Search.

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And it earned them a surprising amount of PR thanks to many publications covering the launchiversary (Search Engine Land was not among those, because there was nothing DB to Data new to report to you). More data. I also checked with SimilarWeb and com Bing’s lack of growth. Here’s what a Similar Web spokesperson told me: “We can see a little bit of growth for Bing, but it’s incremental. According to our official rankings for the search engine category, they were the search engine with a little over 2% traffic share in the U.S. as of July, but still at about 1% worldwide.

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CMO, told WSJ the company’s internal data shows Bing taking market share from Google, but failed to provide any figures. “We’ve made more progress in the last six months than CZ Leads we have in the previous decade or two combined. We’re delighted with our start,” Mehdi said. , considering around this time 10 years ago, Bing’s search market share was 17.9%, per comScore. How Microsoft celebrates six months. Microsoft’s Aug. 7 blog post highlighting the number of chats (1 billion) and images created (750 million), as well as nine quarters of growth for Edge.

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