We just have not seen good performance from these. Your best opportunity for paid success on Google in 2019 is to have a strong PPC strategy and to work (or continue to work) with an experienced and skilled PPC team (like us!). Use PPC to reach customers at every stage of their buying journey Facebook Facebook advertising continues to be an effective platform for driving leads and sales for business. If you are not engaged in Facebook advertising, we strongly recommend exploring this in 2019. While costs on Facebook are significantly higher than a few years ago, cost-per-click in most verticals is still very competitive compared to the cost of Google Ads.

The event was a huge success

Despite reductions in audience targeting capabilities in 2018, Facebook’s targeting is still far superior to the options available on YouTube or Google Ads. At Ontario SEO we are exploring the many new ad formats now available Canada Mobile Number List including press & hold ads, and augmented reality & virtual reality ads (called Camera Effects & Facebook Spaces). There is also growing chatter about the use of Facebook Messenger and chatbots as well as shopping in Instagram Stories. We are excited to explore these expanding ad possibilities in 2019. Explore new Facebook ad formats in 2019 to create a seamless user experience Well, there you have it! A not-so-short summary of the digital marketing trends we are watching this year.


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Google Marketing Live event

As you can see, the digital landscape is more diverse and complex than ever. If you need some help navigating this complex digital advertising landscape or are just not sure where to focus your efforts, give us a call. It is clear that the wild west of user data is coming to an end. But Google assures us they have their best engineers working to CZ Leads solve the (colossal?) dilemma of personalization vs privacy. Data Privacy was a key topic at Google Marketing Live 2019 The Google Marketing Live event was chock full of exciting new opportunities for advertisers in 2019. We hope to leverage our Google Partner status to get early access to some of these features (most are still in beta testing) so we can start testing their effectiveness.

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