Google takes time to confirm ‘Quality’ update For lack of a nickname given by Google, the publishers baptizd it “ Quality ” although some had already calld it “ Phantom ”, but let us remember above all that it is an update on the quality of the content. Earlier this month, some webmasters startd noticing changes in Google search results, and everyone thought it was an important Panda update, but silence, Google didn’t want to reveal anything. Since then, several reports have arrivd, with the famous update dubbd “Phantom update.

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An even if Google still did not want to comment, something really seemd to have happend in the search results. Google, the friendly ghost, likes Latest Mailing Database to play hide and seek! After several weeks of silence, Google steps in and officially declares that a content quality update has been implementd. But beware, no revelations about their “made in Google” recipe. The ditors therefore believe that Google did not make any crazy changes and that it reusd the same criteria to determine.

Latest Mailing Database

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This quality but that it reinforcd the importance of certain criteria over others. What SEO repercussions to fear from “Quality”? Apparently, this CZ Leads algorithm evolution would seem to be aimd more at informational or “how to” type articles . The first victim of this update was the Hubpages site , which lost almost 22% of its traffic. He thus underlines the paradox of “Quality” since it would not make the difference between high quality content and mdiocre content.

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