But the natural. Of course, promote your blog on them only when it is prepared, because you should never disappoint. Use your blog name to share your posts from a Facebook page and Twitter account. 7. When you post your links on social media, accompany them with good quotes, attractive photos or interesting phrases from your article.  Attention at first glance so that your followers are quickly encouraged to share them on Facebook and generate retweets on Twitter. Some will even enter the blog! 8. Did you know that tweets of less than 100 characters are more successful? Especially if they are creative, positive, generate interest and invite participation.

You must attract

Don’t forget to include the link to your blog in them, and if you use #hashtags, even better. 9. Frequently participate in other related blogs, Facebook pages, forums or LinkedIn groups. Include links to your blog in your comments only when they are relevant, since by participating under the name of your blog you are already Bahrain Email List making it known.  And enrich others by providing information and interesting points of view that demonstrate your professionalism. 10. If you share or retweet other people’s attractive posts, you will get them to do the same with yours. The important thing is to reach many followers .

Try to be useful

How to retain blog visits Loyalty of visits is the crucial aspect, since it is of no use if your blog receives countless visits one day if no one visits it again. 11. The blog must be seductive and “easy to visit.” Combine images with texts, use letters that are easy to read and make sure that advertising does not get in the way. It is also important that CZ Leads visitors move through your pages without getting lost, so they will spend more time browsing your blog with each visit. 12. Publish unique, useful, interesting and quality content – ​​that demonstrates mastery of the subject and the language – only then will it satisfy the expectations created.

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