Why do of blogs fail Here are the top reasons and how to avoid them

March 20, 2024

Everyone talks about how easy it is to create a blog. And indeed it is. What is more difficult, however, is managing to make it grow over time. Some research has in fact highlighted that 90% of blogs fail disastrously . In the vast world of the internet, over 4 million post. Are written on as many blogs every day. But the statistics speak for themselves : only a few of these manage to live more. Than a year and even fewer manage to generate a satisfactory income.

You are not clear about the goals you want to achieve

To be more precise, some research Denmark WhatsApp Number Data reveals that 90% of blogs are abandoned forever. Of which around 60% are because they do not earn satisfactory economic income. The question is always the same: why do some blogs achieve maximum success, generating tens of thousands of euros every month while others fail miserably ? Well, the cause for which a blog fails is not unique but we can talk about a set of many small causes and many errors, often very frequent , which combined lead a blog to close its doors after a few months. First of all: the blog does not bring (satisfactory) economic profits .

You get demoralized at the first minimal difficulty

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In this article I wanted to collect Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List all the main causes that lead a blog to complete failure so that you can immediately avoid these mistakes and create a successful blog . What are we talking about in this article? Why does a blog fail? If you are reading this guide, you are most likely in one of these two situations: you would like to open a blog but you are afraid that your efforts will not lead you to obtain tangible results (do you already know the advantages of having a blog ?) you already have a blog but despite all your efforts, you are not getting the traffic or revenue you want. First, I’ll give you the good news: no blog is beyond repair.

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