March 3, 2024

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At Seostar we care about two things above the rest

Customer communication and resolving problems quickly and easily. For the first, we solve it by maintaining direct contact with our clients, so that they are informed of all the steps that are Anhui Mobile Number List being taken in the project. Furthermore, in 2019 we will launch a complete project management system that will serve not only for our team to work in a coordinated and documented manner, but also so that our clients can see at all times the work being carried out on their web projects and their status. Work and commissioning will be completed in the second half of 2019. In the case of problem resolution, in the last.

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The system is simple. Go to soporte and scroll

Down the page a little until you find the Ticket System and click on “create or view ticket”. We enter with our data and it will take us to the Seostar support management screen . Here you Australia Telegram Number can see tickets , open a new ticket , see the status of the tickets … etc…. In this way we guarantee a response time of less than 24 hours for normal messages, and less than 1 hour for Very urgent messages. At Seostar we are aware that growth without stability and without tools can falter. For this reason, we adopt the appropriate measures so that our clients are as well informed as possible, and above all our team works with full satisfaction and full guarantees of success.Very popular membership plugin. It allows you to create up to 4 membership levels in the free version and different types of memberships.

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